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shaving-pussy-hairHave you ever watched a teen shaving her pussy? If you are like some of my daddys girl phone sex callers, then you would really enjoy me explaining how daddy likes to watch his little girls shaving pussy all bald.

I don’t know what it is about watching someone shaving her pussy that gets guys aroused – but it really seems to turn some guys on.

They like me to describe how daddy watches me and tells me what to do when I’m shaving pussy hair all off my hairy teen pussy. Daddy says that all little girls need to have a smooth, bald pussy. I have to agree – it feels so much nicer beneath my fingers when it’s all smooth, and soft. Which do you like best on a young teen? A hairy pussy, or a young bald pussy?

Daddy hands me the big can of shaving cream and has me squirt the creamy suds all over my hairy blonde pussy, getting it all soapy and ready. He has a whole routine for shaving hairy pussy and makes sure I do it exactly right. He rubs it after I’m through to make sure I didn’t miss any stray hairs. He says if I learn to do it really good – I might get to start shaving my sisters pussy too!

During my shaving pussy phone sex calls, I like to describe to you every step as I’m shaving my pussy, or follow your directions as you tell me how you want me to shave my young hairy pussy for you!

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little-girl-sexSometimes my little girl phone sex callers remind me a lot of my daddy. He loved playing with his little girl fuck too! *giggle*

He was always taking pictures of my naked little girl body. This is one of the sex pictures daddy took of me with my legs spread wide showing off my teen pussy so he could show the guys at work. They didn’t believe I was daddy’s little fuck baby, but now they do!

Daddy says I’m the hottest little girl fuck because I’m always horny and hungry for daddy’s dick.

He loves when this little teen slut wraps my lips around his throbbing cock and gives him a wet, juicy teen blowjob. Sometimes he even cums on my face! But I like it best when daddy pulls my little girl pussy on his big fat cock. My small boobies bounce up and down as his hard cock thrusts deep inside my tight baby girl pussy. Daddy’s cock gets so hard and his balls fill up with hot cum as his little girl fucks him good!

He said he may bring some of his friends home from work to play with his baby girl fuck. It makes my hot little cunny all wet and creamy just thinking about it. If you call me for pedo phone sex, I can be your little fuck too!

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OMG I just did a hot barely legal phone sex fantasy call.  My mom couldn’t pay to get my braces taken off so when my orthodontist got me into his torture chair he kept tightening and tightening them until his preteen captive promised to give up her virgin pussy.

First he made me take off my top and show him my teen puffy nipples, but when he told me to play with my nipples and make them hard I said no. I was punished for that. He tightened my braces until I cried so I knew better than to say no again.

I think he got off on the torturing and humiliation even when I did what he said.  I could see the wet spot on the front of his pants grow larger.  There was so much precum!

He put some sort of weird metal thing on me that was fastened behind my head so I couldn’t close my mouth.

He took his cock out as he told me to lick it.  That weird thing made me drool all over his cock making it all sloppy and wet.  He was groaning and rubbing his dick all over my tongue and saying what a bad girl I was.  Then he told me to slide down my little cotton panties and started playing with my young slit. I don’t know why it was so wet, I swear!

His dick was so big and hard and I was so scared he was going to pop my cherry but he said he wanted an anal virgin then laughed!

Wanna hear more about my underage roleplay phone sex call? 😉

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Teen Anal Sex

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The guy next door offered me money if I would show him my teen ass and let him take a few pictures. Since I had already blew through my whole week’s allowance, I agreed.

He seemed really surprised that I took him up on the offer, but didn’t waste anytime pulling out his camera while I stripped. I’m sure there’s all kinds of anal porn on the internet, but I wasn’t going to point that out to him! *giggle*

I think the dude is really into anal sex or something because he kept talking about first anal sex, how much his girlfriend enjoys a good anal fucking, and stuff like that.

All I could think about was how painful anal sex would be, but this little teen slut will stick her tight ass up in the air for a hardcore anal picture any day for hard cold cash.

Who knows; someday I might even give anal a try! 😉

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Naughty Babysitter

Guys are always bragging about the hot babysitter and what they would like to do with her. Well there’s this one dad that I sit for that I wouldn’t mind at all if he wanted to fuck the babysitter.

I always flirt with him and try to convince him what a slutty teen I am, but he never seems to take the hint.

I sit for him again this weekend and he has asked me to stay over. Do you think he would be pleased to find this naughty babysitter in his bed naked, showing off my small breasts and young pussy when he gets home? Think I could interest  him in some babysitter sex of his own?

Call me for teen phone sex and I’ll let you know how it turns out!
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strip teaseDaddy said he was being selfish keeping my little hot teen pussy all for himself.  He said it would be sexy to send his teen slut into the workforce.  But not just any job.  He wanted his underage girl to be a lolita stripper.

Daddy made me kneel on the floor and suck dick while he played with my hard nipples and told me how I would dress for the “interview”.

I was going to wear mommy’s sexy lingerie and stockings suspenders.

Daddy’s breathing got heavier as he told me I would have a special interview in the back office of the strip club.  How I was going to strip tease for him and give him a huge hard on.  I was to jiggle my big natural jugs in his face and make him want my wet pussy.

He told me how I must do everything he wanted or other naughty girls would get the job instead of me.

Daddy’s cum shot all over my big tits as told me how I was going to be fucked hard.  I know he saw me fingering pussy!

He knows his little girl is a whore.

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teen schoolgirlMy teacher gets all rattled when I sit at the front of the class and tease him. I think he likes pretty little teen schoolgirl phone sex girls like me.

I’m such a  naughty school girl that I can’t help but spread my legs wide and let him catch a glimpse of my little panties. His face turns red and he starts repeating himself. He is such a perv and it is just so funny!

I may slip into the little girls room before class today and take off my panties. What do you think he will do when he sees my little bald pussy? *giggle*

I wonder how many high school girls he keeps after class? I bet he offers them a better grade to jerk him off until he spurts creamy cum all over their pretty little faces.

Maybe this little teen schoolgirl should look up his phone number in the student/teacher directory and call him tonight. Maybe offer him some teen schoolgirl phone sex?!

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